Friday, July 21, 2006

Los Lonely Boys' Bass Player Busted “Again”

Los Lonely Boys' Bass Player Busted Again

The national tour to launch Los Lonely Boys' second album got off to a troubled start Saturday. Bassist Joey ''JoJo'' Sacarais Garza was arrested in a room at the Omni Hotel in Austin when police checked reports of a disturbance about 10 a.m.

Austin police said Garza, 26, was charged with assault causing bodily injury and possession of less than two ounces of marijuana. Garza was found with a woman in his room, police spokeswoman Laura Albrecht said. The woman had been assaulted, Albrecht said.

He was released from Travis County Jail about 5 p.m. (This is Bull Shit. Lock him up and throw the key away!!!)

''Misunderstanding or not, they really need to get their act together,'' ''Think about how many people went out of their way to support them. ... Think about how many kids look up to them and were disappointed.''